KRCBC - Commission for Bible


Irene Dsouza

Thank you, KRCBC Bible quiz, for organising this. The competition was fun as it brought the family together, looking for answers.

It helped me understand some of the prophets better.

Sujitha maria

I had a great experience taking the bible quiz. A big thanks to the whole team. The quiz was very tough but the whole process was very well organised, from registration, to the actual online. Thank you, God...

Glania Dsouza

Bible quiz always encourages me to read bible; and not just read but understand every single word of it. I wish that this quiz reaches to more and more young people so that the word of God is given to very end of the Earth.

Sophia Fernandes

I'm Sophia Fernandes, I'm grateful for the opportunity to participate and win the Bible Quiz Contest. Thankful for the entire KRCBC Bible Quiz Organising Team for their initiation in inspiring the young minds through the online platform to reach and enlighten them towards Christ and understanding his teachings.

This was my 2nd attempt, from the 1st attempt every day during my personal prayer I read the syllabus. Feels great walking in this spiritual journey, Thank you.

Freny Rodrigues

I still remember the thrill of participating in my first Bible quiz competition. I was nervous but excited to test my knowledge of God's word.

The experience not only deepened my understanding of scripture but also instilled in me a love for learning and a desire to continue exploring the richness of God's word. It was a truly uplifting and inspiring experience that I will always treasure.

I look forward to participating in future online Bible quiz and continuing to deepen my faith.

Rishel Dsouza

As a youth it was indeed a great experience to spend some time during my vacation to read and understand the scripture from the Bible.

It was a first of its kind experience for me and I'm glad to have participated in this for the first time. Thank you for the opportunity.

Anchel Marina

Words aren't enough to express my gratitude to krcbc Bible commission for giving this valuable opportunity to participate in this good work.
My heartfelt thanks to regional director Rev Fr Vijayraj Jaunet for organizing this competition.
I was truly blessed to read the word of god, and the wonderful works and guidance of the holy spirit in the apostles life. The Bible has helped me in understanding the importance and the power of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit has strengthened me with the wisdom of word, miracles and the great wonders our mighty lord has done. This paschal season brought me very close to the miraculous guiding light HOLY SPIRIT, I am blessed and elated for this gift of god.
I pray that the Holy Spirit guides us in each phase of our life and blesses us with good wisdom.
Once again I would like to thank the entire KRCBC Bible Commission team for their endless efforts in making this competition a successful one. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Sr. Bibiana

Thank you Krcbc for arranging the quiz. I was encouraged to read the Bible with all vigour.

Sr. Savitha

A big thanks to the whole team, who took a lot of effort to arrange this quiz. There were no technical issues and I had no tension because everything was arranged so well. I spent most of my time reading the chosen part. I'm very happy as I could score 50/50. This is not impossible. Dear Catholic friends read the word of God and pray well.

Anuj Joshi

Our Lady of Velankanni Church
Yelahanka, Bangalore

I had a great experience taking the Bible quiz. The quiz was quite tough but the whole process was very well organised; from registration, to the actual online quiz all the way to declaring of results. I would like to thank the KRCBC- Commission for Bible for organising such an excellent online event. This was by far my best experience of taking a bible quiz and I look forward to many such competitions going forward to enrich our spiritual experiences and learnings.

Renita Shiny D'Souza


I take this opportunity to thank KRCBC Bible Commission for organizing this KRCBC Paschal Quiz Competition 2023. It has been a great encouragement for laity like me to enhance my knowledge on the Bible and grow in love for the Word of God. I used to hear often in the Church during Paschal season, 'We are Easter People and Alleluia is our song'! I had not really understood it then. But reading the Gospel of John and the book of Acts of the Apostles as a preparation for this quiz event helped me to understand the scriptural foundation for this.

So, I thank God for increasing my understanding of faith. Apart from this, I must acknowledge and appreciate the prompt replies, reminders and notifications from the part of organising committee through emails which I suppose made the event take place without any hitches and glitches. I wish and pray that the wonderful ministry you are doing may inspire many more people and bring them closer to God.

Keerthana G
Paschal Season Bible Quiz Winner

God has his own ways to make our prayers come too. With this quiz I was able to experience a miracle in my life. Thanks and Praise to God for his marvelous ways.

It was once again a great experience to take part in the quiz competition. I would like to thank the whole organizing team and all those who put efforts and prayed for it. The frequent updates and fast responses from the commission was really helpful. Congratulations to all participants and the winners. From information to the execution everything was meticulously and perfectly well done.

It is a blessing that we have been chosen as his children to read his words and find them as our strength and shield to our life. His words are living so his deeds are marvellous.

Anchel Marina A.M

I'm Anchel Marina A.M from chikmagaluru. First and foremost, I would like to thank KRCBC Bible commission for organizing this quiz competition, I also thank the leadership team of KRCBC for giving an opportunity to understand the Word of God and special thanks to regional director Rev Fr Vijayaraj Jaunet for encouraging us to participate and for all the support and guidance throughout this quiz competition.

It has been an incredible and informative experience by participating in this quiz competition. This competition allowed me in understanding the actual meaning of advent through the bible verses. For me this year advent and Christmas has been the wonderful and meaningful one because most of my time in this advent I spent reading bible and it brought me very close to the Word of God. Thank you once again for this great opportunity


It was a great experience to take part in Christmas quiz competition. The frequent updates and fast responses from the commission was really helpful.I congratulate all the winners and especially the team who put their effort and time into the quiz to go hassle free.

Along with competition preparation I felt that each word of God is great comfort and strong promise in our great and worst time and every time read it opens up new meaning and surprisingly so related to our life. Indeed, Almighty is a great observer of each and every one and the words are alive every second.